Small concrete pump clutch gear embarrassing how to solve 1. Check the small concrete pump clutch pedal free travel is too large, and adjustment. 2. Check the small concrete pump separation lever height is the same, is too low. In the car struck the separation fork, so that small concrete pump bearings against the separation of the front end surface of the inner lever, turn the clutch week view, if the separation of the inner end of the lever and simultaneously separating bearing contact is not on, indicating that the separation lever high degree of inconsistency, the need should be adjusted. If the separation portable electric concrete vibrator zn-c lever highly consistent, still not completely separated, it is necessary to check the lever height. Each separate lever transferred to the same height, if complete separation, indicating that the original improperly adjusted or wear off even. After separation adjustment lever, free travel must re-adjust the clutch pedal. 3. If after these adjustments properly, still not completely separated, it is necessary to remove the small concrete pump clutch, check driven disc is installed backwards, whether axial movement difficulties, the main driven plate without warping, separation lever screw is loose, floating pin is off. 4, for the new riveting friction plate clutch, to check the driven plate and friction plate is too thick. If too thick, you can add shims between the clutch cover and flywheel. 5, for a small concrete pump hydraulic transmission clutch, in addition to the above checks, you should also check whether the lack of brake fluid, pipe leaks and exhaust air in the hydraulic system. How should the run during the small concrete pump truck driver 1, small concrete pump before starting Do not let the engine idle for too long, about 30 seconds to start, but before starting water temperature should reach 50 degrees, certain To resist the start, and to avoid pedal to the metal, one kilometer after the shift into high, driving the temperature should be controlled at 80-90 degrees. 2 small concrete pump as much as possible in the run-in period at low speed. the popular concrete vibrating equipment Under normal circumstances, the maximum speed mixer should be within 50-80 km / h. 3, marching in time shift, do not use a gear for a long time, do not use high gear at low speed or low gear at high speed. 4, choosing a good road, avoid excessive vibration or collision, beginning within 300 kilometers of driving to avoid the emergency brake, the brake should be preceded by disengaging the clutch, more than 1000 km avoid Full throttle. 5, high-quality fuel and oil, not to use engine anti-wear additives. Small concrete pump have the basic elements Small concrete pump main purpose is to have a good stirring concrete or mortar in the concrete pump truck transported to the construction site, due to the small concrete pump rotational speed stirred tank is stirred so small concrete mixer truck transport will be able to ensure maximum transport regulations are not isolated in the distance and time, coarse aggregate settlement does not maintain good workability. Small concrete pump used for applicators mixing stations and major projects must feature allows free passage of tankers and splice the high rack. By taking power means the car chassis power removed and driven variable displacement pump hydraulic system, the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to pass quantitative motor, the motor and then drive gear by gear driven stirring means for stirring concrete. 1, the domestic small concrete pump using the main vehicle engine power take off mode. concrete poker vibrator for sale chinaTake the role of the force means to take power by manipulating the switch will remove the engine power, the hydraulic system driven mixing tube, the mixing tube forward rotation in the feed and transport, in order to facilitate the feed and for concrete mixing, when the anti-material to rotate, cut off after the end of the work coupled with the engine power. 2, will be powered by the engine PTO taken out into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then the motor output mechanical energy (speed and torque), to provide power for the mixing drum is rotated. 3, the hydraulic system of the motor output speed reducer, pass the mixing tube. 4, control the mixing drum rotation direction to make it in the feed and transport process forward rotation, reverse rotation when the material, control the speed of the mixing tube. 5, the stirring device consists of mixing tube and its auxiliary support components. Mixing tube is loaded container concrete, when the direction of rotation of the spiral motion of the concrete along the blade, constantly upgrading and turning process by mixing and stirring. concrete needle vibrator priceIn the feeding and transportation process, the mixing tube is transferred, the concrete along the blade inward movement, when the material, the mixing tube reversal, concrete discharged outward along the blade. Blade stirring device is a major component, can lead to damaged or badly worn concrete mixing uneven. In addition, if the angle of the blade design is unreasonable, but also to make concrete appear segregation. 6, the main role of the cleaning system is to clean the mixing tube, sometimes used for transit mix dry feed tube. Cleaning systems also play a cooling effect on the hydraulic system.